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Thank you for visiting Curtis Farm online and learning about a hidden gem. We are a small business sharing our beautiful antique colonial farm with wonderful couples and their guests as they start a new life together. Curtis Farm is the oldest house in Wilton, NH and was built in 1746 prior to the founding of the United States. The farm has undergone many changes from being the 1st house in town to becoming the premier outdoor wedding location in New Hampshire. Originally a farm, we still cut commercial hay and harvest fruit but our main crop is now brides and grooms. We like to call it our wedding farm! We started hosting family weddings in 1907 and over the years many of our family and friends have been married at Curtis Farm as a family tradition. In 1996 we decided we needed to do something else with Curtis Farm as farming has been on the decline for some time and without an alternative.......developing the farm into house lots would be inevitable. To try to keep the farm together we started offering the farm to couples who wanted something different and unique for their special day. 12 years later and now brides and grooms are our main crop with our popularity growing with every season. Our recipe is simple....we provide a one of a kind location and outstanding service with unequaled experience in hosting large outdoor weddings to create truly one of a kind outdoor weddings. At Curtis Farm there is no mainstream wedding wisdom, we want our clients to have what they want for their special day and only your imagination is the limit. From brides in flip flops to old fashion ice cream trucks delivering dessert to contra dances on the lawn and pets as ring bearers, Curtis Farm can accommodate all of your special requests to make your event stand out from the rest. We are the most flexible outdoor wedding venue anywhere and we provide choices and options to make sure your event is like no other. Proudly hosting only 1 wedding a week so we can focus on your event, come check out our view and experience the charm of Curtis Farm.
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Picking Grapes 1980's
Our 1920's Cider Label
Harvesting Potatoes 1970's
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Curtis Family Invitation 1907
Loading Cattle into 1930's Model A